The following is one of a number of correspondences I had with a women who went by the name “Shirzan” a year after the rebel uprising in Iran. She made it clear that she was risking her life owing to her anti-government activities, including her internet communications. After one particularly unnerving message, I never heard from her again. 

Dear Glenn,

thank you for your support. Yes, we constantly need to be careful. We use proxies and share FB accounts with other trustworthy friends throughout Iran, as to make it difficult for IRI to locate us. There is absolutely no safety here for us. We can be arrested in our house, in the streets, at work or at school. I know of many who have been arrested and tortured. Some of my friends are missing. A friend of mine was shot last year in June during the protests and it was only 3 months later that we found out he was locked up in Evin. He was only released because they realized he was not affiliated to any politcal parties, because he was near death from the wound infection, and also because of the $150,000 in bail money they received from his mother. She gave her house away to be able to get her son out. They now live with family members.

You have no idea what we go through here. And it is so sad that so many are still unaware. We are disappointed at UN for not doing more and for electing Iran to commission on women’s rights. We are disappointed that Obama even considered negotiating with these criminal thugs. We are disappointed that IRI rapist officials were allowed on US soil. We are disappointed at EU as well. We have no money, no resources, no help…we fight with our bare hands and we give our lives. We are being gang raped, tortured, executed by slow hanging or stoning… We are protesting daily in Tehran, Ahvaz, Esphahan, Shiraz and most large cities. We are not losing hope though and are ready to die to topple this rapist government. Also most of us educated Iranians HATE ISLAM and ALL MULLAHS!!! Our true religion is zoroastrianism…

Thank you for spreading the word…we need more people like you backing us up 🙂


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